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Ilau Machque

In Lenne LenapeIlau means a war chief; (properly, a man of valor, one experienced in war, not necessarily a chief. Machque, means bear.

Ilau Machque was created in 2004, as the districts were split. Crosswinds and Netami, Black River and Ilau Machque.  Since then, Ilau Machque has taken the lead in the Lodge with several Awards:

    2008 Most Improved Chapter
    2009 Quality Chapter
    2010 Quality Chapter
    2010 Occoneechee Lodge ROTH Award
    2011 SR-7B Webelos to Scout Transition Ceremonies Team Award
    2012 Quality Chapter


Ilau Machque isn't done yet!  We are looking for a few good scouts to take on duties with Ceremonies. 

You want to have fun while putting on a show?    We have a need for your talents in these areas:

    Pre-Ordeal Ceremonies
    Ordeal Ceremonies
    Brotherhood Ceremonies

Ceremony teams meet at different agreed on times.  We want YOU to be part of the puzzle that makes Ilau Machque special in the Occoneechee Lodge.

About the Lenne Lenapi

Brief History of the Lenape

For over 10,000 years, the first peoples of the Northeastern Woodland tribes lived in agricultural and hunting societies.  Men, Women, and Children’s roles were well defined.  Preparation was the key to survival.

With the arrival of early explorers, survival took on a different meaning .

The Forced March:  Initially the Lenni Lenape of Pennsylvania had equitable dealings with William Penn.  After Penn’s death, his sons concocted a plan to swindle the Lenape out of land which is now known as the infamous Walking Purchase.  Times only got progressively worse for the Lenape.  In the 1730s an English bounty of 30—50 British lbs. was offered for any Lenape, dead or alive.

The final blow came during a Conference in 1758 in Easton, Pennsylvania when the Lenape (Delaware) were forced from their Pennsylvania and New Jersey ancestral homelands.

Eventually the Lenape were forced to settle in Oklahoma and Canada.

Today their decedents live throughout the world.  In the United States the Lenape (Delaware) do not live on reservations or on Indian Territory.  The only two surviving Lenape tribes in the United States officially recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C. are the Delaware Tribe of Indians (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) and Delaware Nation (Anadarko, Oklahoma).

Coming Events

07 Dec 2021
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
08 Dec 2021
Immaculate Conception


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