Friday 19th of October 2018

Cost for OA Events & dues:

The Chapter has been asked to itemize a list of events and costs.  These costs include food, except on the trip to the events, which may cost $5 to $12 depending on where the herd stops.


  • Dues for OA are year $10 or $104 (club 104 - Lifetime) makes you a registered member of OA
  • Ordeal Candidate $50.00 - Come back after 10 months and get your Brotherhood! (One time only for new members)
  • Weekend $20.00 - for fun and fellowship
  • FREE brotherhood during OA weekend - Only pay event fee (food & patch) - $20
  • Brotherhood during Summer Camp is free


  • Conclave is the third weekend of the month of April, unless Easter conflicts.
  • Conclave costs $35, plus any additional money for trading posts, etc.

Winter Banquet

  • Winter Banquet is where we celebrate the accomplishments of members for the entire year.


  • National Order of the Arrow Conference is around $700 every other year

Gold Pass

  • Gold Pass is $65 and entitles you to all events - save $10!

Checks, Online Registrations:

  • Make Checks Payable to:  Occoneechee Lodge 104
  • Register online at http://www.lodge104.ncom

Lodge events

  • Watch our upcoming events for lodge, chapter and local events!

Coming Events

Fri Oct 19 @12:00AM- OA Fall Gathering
Sat Oct 20 @12:00AM- OA Fall Gathering
Sat Oct 20 @12:00AM- Vigil Gathering
Sun Oct 21 @12:00AM- OA Fall Gathering
Sun Oct 21 @12:00AM- Vigil Gathering
Wed Oct 24 @12:00AM- United Nations Day
Thu Oct 25 @11:00PM- Ilau Machque Chapter Meeting
Fri Oct 26 @11:00PM- Ilau Machque Chapter Meeting
Sun Oct 28 @12:00AM- Reformation Day
Wed Oct 31 @12:00AM- Halloween
Thu Nov 01 @12:00AM- All Saints Day
Tue Nov 06 @12:00AM- US General Election
Sun Nov 11 @12:00AM- Veteran's Day
Mon Nov 12 @12:00AM- Veterans Day (US-OPM)
Fri Nov 16 @12:00AM- Lodge Leadership Development
Sat Nov 17 @12:00AM- Lodge Leadership Development


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